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I have a following source code php+js:

I want to rewrite it using pure JS, but can’t imagine the way.

Any advices are appreciated.

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You can use the every method to test if all elements in the array satisfy the predicate.

if (inp && vals.every(Boolean)) {
  // or:  vals.every(function(x){return x;})

But if you have to target browsers that does not support the every method, you can evaluate the condition with a for loop.

if (inp) {
   accept = true;
   for (var i = vals.length-1; i >= 0; -- i)
     if (!vals[i]) {
       accept = false;
   if (accept) {
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AFAIK, all browsers support 'every' method'. Thanks for help! – erGo May 25 '10 at 10:58

sorry dont know php but this is the javascript.

if (inp == true) {
   for(i =0;i<numFields; i++){
     do something with vals[i];
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