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Is it possible to implement a "forgot password" using ASP.Net membership provider?

Any sample link is appreciated.


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Use PasswordRecovery control or You can call GetPassword() or ResetPassword() methods on your membership provider.

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The best solution I've seen so far is to reset it as follows:

MemberShipUser user = MemberShip.GetUset("someUserName");
user.ChangePassword(user.ResetPassword(), "new-password-word");

This is very handy especially if your passwords are hashed.

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hi, the class name is case sensitive. the correct one is like this MembershipUser user = Membership.GetUser("userName"); user.ChangePassword(user.ResetPassword(), "newPassword"); thanks your answer worked for me with change in case. – Pranesh Mar 16 at 6:58
in order to change password we can also use MembershipUser mu = Membership.GetUser(userName); mu.ChangePassword(oldPassword, newPassword); – Pranesh Mar 16 at 7:00

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