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We have a Subversion repository that is not going to move to git in the short to medium term, but I would like to use a DVCS for controlling and versioning 3rd party libraries.

Is there a way of using something like svn:externals to fetch/link a revision from git, driven by the Subversion checkout?

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There is no direct way to do this, since svn:externals are restricted to subversion repositories. You might use github for the git repositories, since github has read+write support for svn.

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It's not the answer I was looking for :-( , but it does seem to be the answer, so thanks for your help. –  Simon Featherstone Jun 1 '10 at 9:56

You may clone your SVN repository with SmartGit. It will create .gitsvnextmodules file that is analog to svn:externals for Git. SmartGit fully supports this format and displays submodules in the "Directories" view. To update .gitsvnextmodules using UI select a submodule among "Directory" and press Stage.

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I'm not sure we have exactly the same problem, but I created a script to solve a similar issue:

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Thanks. I think we are going to have to bite the bullet and convert everything from SVN to GIT. It seems controlling GIT from SVN is just not going to happen! –  Simon Featherstone Oct 21 '10 at 10:31

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