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I am getting a Unexpected error in some of the Selenium RC code. Some time it works fine but sometimes it gives the Unexpected error and the scripts stop at that line only.


There is script for "Login" than it click on the link than fills some form than press some button.

Sometimes its run till Login, sometimes till click of a link sometimes it executes full.

Please give me some solution for this its urgent.

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There's not enough information here to provide an answer. A sample of your HTML source and test code would help, as well as details of any investigation you've already performed. – Dave Hunt May 25 '10 at 13:55
am writing it in Seleninium - RC and language I am using is Java. The snippet is as follows selenium.type("__ac_name", userName); selenium.type("__ac_password", passWord);"submit"); selenium.waitForPageToLoad(_PAGELOADTIME);"link=Supplemental Resources"); selenium.waitForPageToLoad(_PAGELOADTIME); there more code but i write in this way only some time it works and somtimes not. – Abhishek Dixit May 26 '10 at 5:14

You need to setspeed(timeout). After you declare your selenium Hash variable, for it to take at least "timeout" miliseconds between each selenium test case

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