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In my codebehind I have this vb:

 Dim reader as idatareader = includes.SelectDepartmentID(PageID)
        While reader.Read
            Did = reader("departmentid")
            GroupingHeading = reader("heading")
            Folder = reader("folder")
            If reader("OwnBanner") Is DBNull.Value Then
                OwnBanner = String.Empty
                OwnBanner = reader("ownbanner")
            End If

Then in my class I have:

 Public Function SelectDepartmentID(ByVal PageID As Integer) As IDataReader
        Dim Command As SqlCommand = db.GetSqlStringCommand("sql")
        db.AddInParameter(Command, "@pageid", Data.DbType.Int32, PageID)
        Dim reader As IDataReader = db.ExecuteReader(Command)
        Return reader
    End Function

No Errors are being presented yet nothing is being returned by the reader. Is there an error in my code?


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idatareader... That's why I hate VB.NET –  Anton Gogolev May 25 '10 at 12:20
I was using sqldatareaders but there is a problem returning them in the entlib!!! very frustrating –  Phil May 25 '10 at 12:21
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Try removing the


line from SelectDepartmentID.

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You are skipping the first row of the reader. Remove the reader.Read() statement in the SelectDepartmentID function just prior to the return statement.

Any function that returns a reader should make no assumptions about what the calling code will do with it and just return it unmodified.

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