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I need an regular expression pattern to only accept positive whole numbers. It can also accept a single zero.

I do not want to accept decimals, negative number and numbers with leading zeros.

Any suggestions?

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Should it include an optional comma, in case the format allows it (like 1,000,000)? –  Ben Nov 14 '08 at 16:06
No, It should not accept commas. –  Michael Kniskern Nov 14 '08 at 16:23
This would do the job: ^(0|[1-9][0-9]*|[1-9][0-9]{0,2}(,[0-9]{3,3})*)$ –  Federico A. Ramponi Nov 14 '08 at 16:27


I'd just use "[0-9]+" to represent positive whole numbers.

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if i use grepl("[0-9]+","1111a") in R, it gives me TRUE –  Aman Mathur May 21 at 7:32

This will allow decimal numbers (or whole numbers) that don't start with zero:


If you want to allow numbers that start with zero, you can do :

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