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I am trying to automate my Chrome extension building process on OSX 10.5. I am unable to find a similar command for OSX like this for Windows

chrome.exe --pack-extension=c:\myext --pack-extension-key=c:\myext.pem

Is it even possible on OSX? As there is no mention of it in the documentation.

Please guide me.

Thanks in advance. -Parimal Das

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/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --pack-extension...
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This works, but shell expansion is not supported so be sure to use the full path (not relative (e.g. ../ or ~/)). Also, there is no success/error messaging. My output stated "Breakpad disabled" but still worked when using the right paths. More info: – Keith Bentrup Aug 14 '11 at 20:21

Use the CRXMake gem.

Have a great day.

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A complete example to run on the shell:

"/Users/varr/Applications/Google Chrome" --pack-extension="/Users/varr/Dropbox/Code/Projects/Bookmark Express/src"

Things to note:

  • Chrome will not display any output of success or failure but it will return an exit code
  • Your shell (ex. oh-my-zsh) may display exit codes so you can have an idea there
  • Chrome will generate two files, the .crx and a .pem

To automate this, I used Geb (and Groovy). In GebConfig.groovy, I tried using:

def chromePath = "/Users/varr/Applications/Google Chrome Chrome Canary"
def packExtensionSwitch='--pack-extension="/Users/varr/Dropbox/Code/Projects/Bookmark Express/src"'

ProcessBuilder packExtension = new ProcessBuilder(chromePath, packExtensionSwitch)
Process process = packExtension.start()

But this returned an exit code 21 every time and no files were generated. I finalized my approach with:

def packageExtensionScript = '/Users/varr/'

ProcessBuilder packExtension = new ProcessBuilder(packageExtensionScript)
Process process = packExtension.start()

To finish it up, I made a one-line script with the command to run and it all worked!

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