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I am looking for a ASP.NET 4 and MS SQL Server 2008 hosting. I will program my web sites with ASP.NET 4 and MVC 2. But i could not decide a hosting. Can you suggest me a hosting company? It will be very helpfull if you are using or used.

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I'm using Discount ASP for my new .NET 4 project with SQL Server 2008. http://discountasp.net No problems so far.

$10/month for site hosting. $10/month for SQL hosting.

They allow remote management and remote connections unlike a lot of other hosts. Also, the web host is run under full trust. I got pretty pissed at hosting.com when they switched from full trust to medium...making most of my site useless, because I couldn't use webservices anymore.

They also have MVC hosting

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