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Yes it's Windows sorry.

I'm using mysqldump with the option -T which creates a sql and a txt file per table.

mysqldump -u user -ppass db -T path

I use that option to be able to restore easily one table.

Now I'd like to restore all the tables.

mysql -u user -ppass db < path/*.sql

Obvously doesn't work

Also, I don't know where do my funcs/procs go.

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You could use a FOR loop with the file wildcard (*.sql) to process each one, like this:

FOR /R %F in (*.sql) DO (
  mysql -u user -ppass database %F

(Note that if you're running this from a batch file, the variable should be shown as %%F instead of just %F.)

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this doesn't restore .txt data –  stiv Apr 27 '13 at 8:13

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