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Here are some points: 1) I have some markers on the map and records associated with it on the right panel besides the map. They are connected via numeric id, which is stored as a property of marker. 2) All the markers are stored in an array. 3) When the user zooms in the map, records, associated to only visible markers should be shown on the right panel.

So, how to get the list of all visible markers on the current zoom level? I've searched over the internet and didn't find something useful. Some kind of what I'm trying to achieve could be found here

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Use GMap2.getBounds() to find the bounding box. The use GLatLngBounds.containsLatLng() to check each marker to see if it is visible.

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thank you, it worked. for another seekers of solution, don't forget to pass GMarker.getLatLng() – nefo_x May 26 '10 at 11:55

In Google Maps JavaScript API V3 we can use something like this:

var markers; // your markers
var map; // your map
for (var i=0; i<markers.length; i++){
    if( map.getBounds().contains(markers[i].getPosition()) ){
        // code for showing your object, associated with markers[i]
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I know you wanted API V2, but i had to correct some stuff i saw in @bruha's response for V3, in case someone comes looking for it:

var markers; // your markers
var map; // your map

for(var i = markers.length, bounds = map.getBounds(); i--;) {
    if( bounds.contains(markers[i].getPosition()) ){
        // code for showing your object

going backwards through the array this way goes through the array of markers faster, plus we set the bounds into a variable before going into the loop so we're not requesting it every time we go through the loop, and the only request we have to make is if the specific marker lies inside the bounds.

EDIT: goofed my decrementer

EDIT: map.getBounds() should be, was map.getBounds

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thanks. it worked for android.. – Yasir Ali Dec 19 '13 at 9:25
Any idea what the same thing for v2 would look like? – Alex Hickinbotham Feb 18 at 12:00

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