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I had a website made for me a long time ago, and the programmer did it in CakePHP. I'm now editing his scripts.

I added a couple columns to a table, and found that doing saveField() on the new column does not do anything. How do I make CakePHP recognize the new columns?

I'd appreciate your help. I'm not too familiar with CakePHP, so please go easy on me =)

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The cache data is saved in YourAppFoloer/tmp/cache/models (delete the files there-in)

You can also try Cache::clear()


Edit - this looked horrible in the comment:

You could add it to a controller to call:

function superHandyCacheClearer() { $this->autoRender = false; Cache::clear(); }

And call www.yourcakeapp.com/yourControllerYouAddedItTo/superHandyCacheClearer - but really, this is when you're making changes whilst in the code. Deleting the cache folder contents, really, should be the fix

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I appreciate your answer. Can you please clarify what to do with "Cache::clear()"? Is this something to include in a PHP script, or what? How do I run this command? I tried deleting the cache file I need, but it doesn't recreate the cache file. –  walden May 25 '10 at 17:54
Deleting the files I needed worked--the columns I need can now be updated. However, why is the cache file not being recreated again? Does it take a certain amount of time or something? Thanks a lot. –  walden May 25 '10 at 18:04
(see answer) - have you verified your saveField call is proper? tried it with a column that was there? Maybe try a full insert? $model->field1 = 'content'; $model->save(); ? –  Dan Heberden May 25 '10 at 18:06
I deleted everything in the tmp/cache/models folder, and the site has plenty of proper mysql queries, but none of the files there are appearing. The site still appears to be properly loading, though. I'm just concerned that I need those models cache files. –  walden May 25 '10 at 18:31
I'm not 100% sure about their cache class, but i do know when you installed cake, those files were NOT there and cake creates them. You probably haven't done enough db access to warrant cacheing as far as cake in concerned. –  Dan Heberden May 25 '10 at 18:39

make sure that the cache folder is still laid out like it was initially


And that they are all 'writable' by the webserver, also note that unless you are running with a debug level of 0 some cache files may not be created every request. But remember that anytime you alter the model files or the database itself you should clear the cache/models folder.


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