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I have a repository which contains some unversioned directories and files. The server running svn was recently changed and since the checkout was done using the url svn://OLD-IP, I relocated my svn working copy, this time to the url svn://NEW-DOMAIN-NAME.

Now since there are some unversioned resources, the switch did not happen properly and the working copy got locked. A cleanup operation did not work either because of these unversioned resources.

I looked up in the net and found about svn ignore and tried that but to no use. I am unable to release all locks. Any ideas on solving the problem? Once I release the locks, I believe I can use svn ignore and carry on the relocate operation.

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same problem here – MickTaiwan Jun 12 '09 at 19:29
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Check your svn status output and the legend for the letters at svn help status.

Quite often, the problem is that there is a file where svn expects a directory, or other kinds of similar confusion (the letters should tell you which it is). If there are any conflicts (C), solve them first. You can recover lost directories with svn update, and svn revert can often help too (if there is anything important on your working copy which is not in the repository, make a backup of the working copy first!).

After most of the confusion has been cleared, svn cleanup and svn update/svn switch (update is nothing more than a special case of switch) should start working again.

In the worst case, you can do another checkout and manually copy over any locally modified files.

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Thank you for this response! – rd42 Jul 10 '12 at 20:28

Just run cleanup command and then do update.

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Original question: "A cleanup operation did not work either, because of these unversioned resources." – pjmorse Oct 4 '12 at 13:34

I had this issue. Rename the offending directory and rebuild it from SVN, then copy over the files you modified. May need to run cleanup in the parent directory

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