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i have one image background of table with following syntax


the problem is when i print it on printer it did't print.

can you please tell me how to get this

image background also get it printed on paper as watermark.

i need any code not to ask every user to change the browse settings.


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This can be configured from within the browser. When you open print options, there is an option asking you whether to print background images. :)

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The OP specifically stated "I need any code not to ask every user to change the browser settings". – Jemenake Aug 26 '13 at 14:02

As you might have noticed from the answers, browsers by default do not print background images. Also, there is no way to coerce all the visitor's browsers into printing the watermark.

A possible way to force the watermark to be printed is to create a div which is positioned under the content with multiple repeats of an IMG tag containing the watermark. This is horribly kludgy.

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Most browsers have an option to print backgrounds. In FF 3.6.3, under File --> Page Setup --> Print Background (Colors and images)

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The users would probably not want to waste ink on a background anyways.

I would suggest using an absolutely positioned div with z-index of 0 as the wallpaper, absolutely positioned content div with z-index of 1 for content.

To alleviate the ink issue, you could use the css @media print directive to change the opacity of the background to somewhere between 5 and 10%, making it more of a watermark.

Here's a fiddle:


@media print {
    filter:alpha(opacity=40); /* For IE8 and earlier */




<div id="content">
    There is some content in here
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I notice another answer had been flagged as correct, though it did not answer the question. This is my shot. – evandentremont Jul 24 '12 at 23:03

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