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The title resumes everything. :P

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No. SVG is a (mostly) static vector format and canvas is an API to a dynamic bitmap. Turning SVG into canvas makes as much sense as turning SVG into MathML: none.

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Vector formats can be rasterized. – Roy Tinker Jun 20 '12 at 18:32

canvg seems to be a better solution. It is an active project as of January 2012.

canvas-svg hasn't been updated since it was published in June 2009.

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I recommend the Java project SVGToCanvas if you just want to statically generate some Canvas javascript from a SVG file.

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Perfect. Just what I was looking for. I knew it must be out there since the letters in the 'path' data stand for the same commands available in canvas. – Joseph Lust Dec 27 '11 at 14:25

If you want manipulate objects after conversion I recommend it supports also SVG path data format. For instance:

It's pretty easy to loop through svg and change rectangles, paths, lines etc.. to coresponding kineticJS (canvas) objects.

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Had same requirement for a couple internal projects. Thought it might help others, so it's available as an SVG2Canvas experiment.

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