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I'm dynamically creating a excel file using vbs and ExcelXML in javascript. Something like this.

rs = acdbCon.GetRecordSet(GetQryABC(a,b,c));
workbookObj = new WorkbookXML("abc");
abcObj = new abcXML(xmlBody, rs, PAGE_HEADER, PAGE_SUB_HEADER,.,.,.);
xmlBody = abcObj .AddSheet(1, "sheet1");
xmlBody = abcObj .AddBlankSheet(2, "sheet2");
xmlBody = abcObj .AddSheet(3, "sheet3");

var fileNameDate = new Date();
var fileName=tpInfo.GetDLN() + "_ABC_" + (fileNameDate.getMonth()+1) + "_" + fileNameDate.getDate() + "_" + fileNameDate.getYear();
var fh = fso.CreateTextFile("c:\\doc\\" + fileName + ".xls", true);
document.getElementById("export_msg").innerHTML="File Exported to:   c:\\doc\\" + fileName + ".xls";
var objExcel;
objExcel = new ActiveXObject("Excel.Application");
objExcel.Workbooks.Open('c:\\doc\\' + fileName + '.xls',false,false);
var wkSh = objExcel.Workbooks(fileName + '.xls').Worksheets("Sheet1");
var rcWkSh = objExcel.Workbooks(fileName + '.xls').Worksheets("Sheet2");
var rcWkSh2 = objExcel.Workbooks(fileName + '.xls').Worksheets("Sheet3");

Once the excel is created and saved it is opened for viewing. My requirement is to dynamically activate/select/show any sheet of my choice when the sheet is opened. Like suppose the user wants to have sheet3 active and selected when the workbook is opened.

I tried the following
objExcel.Workbooks(fileName + '.xls').sheets(1).activate;
objExcel.Workbooks(fileName + '.xls').sheets(1).select();
objExcel.Workbooks(fileName + '.xls').sheets(1).Activate;
objExcel.Workbooks(fileName + '.xls').Worksheets("Sheet3").Activate;
but nothing worked. Any idea on how I can achieve this. Thanks.


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Have you tried View? – Thevs May 25 '10 at 19:12
No, how do you call it? like this <br/> objExcel.Workbooks(fileName + '.xls').sheets(1).view; – Ravi May 25 '10 at 19:14
it didn't work. – Ravi May 25 '10 at 19:18

Use the Excel Macro recorder and perform the operation you'd like to perform in the automation script then copy the code the recorder generates and use it in your script.

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The following works for me:

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