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Using Authlogic and Authlogic Facebook Connect.

before_filter works great. Get name and facbook_uid saved in db. Only problem is that it saves a new record every time.

Need help figuring out how to build some type of find_by_facebook_uid_or_create_user

I have tried reading up on the API's for facebooker, but this is way over me. :(



def before_connect(facebook_session)
   self.firstname = facebook_session.user.first_name
   self.lastname = facebook_session.user.last_name
   self.persistence_token = reset_persistence_token


before_filter :set_facebook_session
helper_method :facebook_session
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Please post the code that you have so far. – mikej May 25 '10 at 19:51
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For those that are having the problem that a new user is created every time they f-connect and are using MySql, change the facebook_uid from Int (integer) to BigInit (Big Integer).

Problem for me was that facebook was looking at long ID's and Int was truncating these ID's.

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