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how to compare the checksums in a list corresponding to a file path with the file path in the operating system In Python?

import os,sys,libxml2


doc = libxml2.parseFile('files.xml')
for path in doc.xpathEval('//File/Path'):
for sha1 in doc.xpathEval('//File/Hash'):

for entry in zip(files,sha1s):
  print entry

the files.xml contains


I need to compare the sha1 checksum in between tags corresponding to the file specified in between the tags, with the same file path in base Operating system.

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Which bit are you having a problem with? Just the generating of the SHA1 for the file on disk? – mikej May 25 '10 at 20:29
i can generate the sha1sum with the following code, thing is i need to compare the sha1sum of the file in the OS with the sha1sum in the xml. – surab May 25 '10 at 20:42

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import hashlib
import libxml2

doc = libxml2.parseFile('files.xml')
filePaths = ["/" + path.content for path in doc.xpathEval('//File/Path')]
xmlDigests = [hash.content for hash in doc.xpathEval('//File/Hash')]

for filePath, xmlDigest in zip(filePaths, xmlDigests):
    with open(filePath) as inFile:
        digester = hashlib.sha1()
        fileDigest = digester.hexdigest()
        if xmlDigest != fileDigest:
            print "Mismatch for %s (XML: %s, FILESYSTEM: %s)" % (filePath,
                xmlDigest, fileDigest)
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