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I'm new to Dreamweaver CS4 and making my first website. I've watched a lot of tutorials and they all just click the Preview in Browser button and they can see what their page looks like in Firefox/IE/etc.

But when I click Preview in Browser a new Firefox window opens up and it goes to my homepage and that's it.

What do I need to setup in order be able to preview in firefox?


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I don't use Dreamweaver, although I have it as part of CS4. But I just now opened up the app, created a test HTML page, saved it, and hit F12 (Preview in Browser). And there was my test page. I honestly don't know what you could be doing wrong. I thought it might be that you didn't save your file, but you get a warning dialog if you try to preview without doing that.

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After some playing around I fixed the problem myself.

First I had to go to manage site and edit the basic preferences on my website. I had to make sure the 'URL to browse to the root of your site" is valid.

In my case it I had to add:


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