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I am wondering if and how this can be done:

I have a spreadsheet that has three columns for Highschool name, State and CEEB code.

As of now, we have to manually look up the CEEB code and fill them in.

Is there a way i can give excel the entire list of all HSs and CEEB codes, so when I enter a High School and hit tab, it fills in the CEEB code automatically if it exists in the list provided to excel.

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On a separate sheet, list the highschools and CEEBs. If you put the high school name in A1, put this formula in B1


with your high schools and CEEBs on Sheet2 and in the range A1:B100. Adjust to fit your actual data. If you don't have anything in A1 and don't want to see an error, use this formula

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thanks a ton...with some minor adjustments, that works like a charm –  xbonez May 26 '10 at 2:50

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