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I wish to have the following:

<span title="This is a "good" title.">Catch me in the rice.</span>

It is obvious that this is not rendered well by the browsers. Please provide me with information of what escape sequence or encoding like " I must use?

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Either replace the quotation mark with its corresponding HTML entity — e.g. &quot; or &#34;) — like this:

<span title="This is a &quot;good&quot; title.">Catch me in the rice.</span>
<span title="This is a &#34;good&#34; title.">Catch me in the rice.</span>

Alternatively you can use single quotes in your HTML in cases where you need double quotes in attribute values:

<span title='This is a "good" title.'>Catch me in the rice.</span>
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Single quotes will not work when the text he needs has a single quote in it... always use the entity. – Glen Solsberry May 25 '10 at 21:16
@gms8994 Well of course stuff like <foo bar='bar'baz'> won’t work — I’m pretty sure the OP knows that, seeing as he asked a similar question (<foo bar="bar"baz">). – Mathias Bynens May 25 '10 at 21:20

Use &quot; instead.

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That was fast. let me try this. – Gad D Lord May 25 '10 at 21:00
<span title="This is a &quot;good&quot; title.">Catch me in the rise.</span>
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