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<rant-mode> Have you ever seen a programming language that does not allow to add comments to the code? Welcome to the world of RTML (may it burn in hell)! </rant-mode>


What is the best technique (if any) you've adopted to comment your RTML code?

Thank you!

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To create a comment in RTML, click on your template, then New, and in the textbox that says Simple, type (in quotes) your comment.

"**************** My comment and stuff ******************"

If you want to comment out a piece of code, insert your code after a MULTI which groups multiple RTML statements and then a WHEN nil. Everything after the WHEN nil will never be executed.

WHEN nil
        TEXT @a-random-variable
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I just had a look at RTML,I wouldn't like working with it directly (it's very ugly).

It seems that the best way would be to have source files, and a preprocessor that strips comments and probably includes shortcuts and new features, then automatically uploads the RTML (maybe even a wasabi for RTML).

You would need to do that in a real language, or go full throttle with something like ANTLR.

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Alas, RTML can be edited only online, using ugly Web interface. At least, I am not aware of any other way to maintain it. So I don't see how any extrenal tool could be used. :-( – Yarik Nov 15 '08 at 8:10
An external tool can manipulate the ugly web forms, Something like perl's WWW::Mechanize should be able to easily do that. – Osama ALASSIRY Nov 15 '08 at 17:22

COMMENT Inserts a comment into the current page. Equivalent to HTML’s construct. A comment is just some text that becomes part of the page’s HTML source but does not get displayed on the screen. The actual text of the comment must be a string enclosed in double quotes (or a variable of type text).


 COMMENT "nosearch"
 TITLE "untitled"
 TEXT "This

please see: List of available RTML books and resources

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With this approach my code comments (used for "internal purposes") would be exposed to everyone on the resulting page. Sorry, but that is not acceptable. :) – Yarik Oct 18 '11 at 3:05

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