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I have a file in cvs that has Sticky Options set to -kk. This replaces all cvs keywords with just the keyword name to facilitate diffs. For example, $Author: Alex B$ becomes $Author$.

How do I disable the -kk behavior and get back to "normal" cvs where keywords are substituted in? I've tried rm'ing the file and updating, I've tried cvs update -A and neither changes the flag.

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cvs update -kkv <filename>

will reset the sticky options to keyword and value

Edit: Corrected checkout to update, thanks to Alex B for the correction.

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Hi Ken, checkout works on modules, not files - but your answer helped me solve my problem. If you edit your answer (checkout -> update), I'll accept it and delete my answer. –  Alex B Nov 20 '08 at 20:21
Also you need to do a cvs commit -f -m <message> <filename> –  Michael S. Oct 6 '12 at 10:44

You should use

cvs admin -kkv <filename>

to change the mode permanently. Using

cvs update -kkv <filename>

will only change it on your local machine

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Running a cvs status on the file still results in "sticky options" being set, for example:

Sticky options: -kk

To remove these completely, edit the CVS/Entries file and remove the '-kk' from the relevent entry.

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