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I need to develop an e-Commerce site that sells auto parts. For that, I need a database that has year/make/model information that each part is applicable to. As far as I know, we need to purchase the database and subscribe updates.

Is there any database available for free? (I may not need updates)



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I did something similar a few years ago. We got the databases from the Ford dealer that commissioned the project.

I wish you luck -- just keeping the db of Ford part number changes was crazy.

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I understand it as well, it can be hellish to maintain such as db in up to date state. Can you tell what was your solution to the problem? –  Anvar May 26 '10 at 15:44
It depends on what you mean by "solve the problem". I wrote a script to automatically add the monthly update to a relationship tracking table when we got it from the client. We still got odd results when there were overlapping or reused part numbers. –  Ben Doom May 28 '10 at 1:01

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