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How well does Visual Web Developer 2010 Express support PHP?

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It just doesn't. – NullUserException Jul 25 '10 at 2:28

There is no PHP support in Visual Web Developer 2010 from Microsoft.

A quick google brings up ... but I haven't seen/tested it before so I can't say it'll work. Note that you have to shell out 100 bucks for it.

In addition, you CAN trick visual c++ into thinking that .php files are .cpp files. You would get basic syntax highlighting [if, while, for]...

There were also a few attempts to write intelligent PHP support into Visual Studio [ie:]... they all failed eventually.

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that's what WebMatrix is for, PHP/Web development.

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There is which enables Visual Studio to work properly with PHP files. Alternatively have a look at this blog post that explains how to use PHP with Visual Studio (

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VWD 2010 Express does not support php. If you want to highlight php syntaxes then use notepad++, which is free.

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