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Opinion seems to be split on whether an app binary is required to be uploaded to iTunes Connect before a testing an in-app purchase. I've created the app (no binary uploaded yet), created the in-app purchase, enabled by App ID for in-app purchase and marked the purchase "available for sale". I've followed the instructions in the guide as far as I can tell.

However, when I try it on my device I am unable to retrieve the products - SKProductRequest returns my request product as invalid.

Any suggestions what I need to do?

Does the in-app purchase product need to "Developer Approved" for this to work?

Any definitive answer on whether a binary needs to be uploaded? I would like to avoid that if possible but am willing to do it if required.

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Binary does not need to be uploaded. Source: my current in-development app.

I am getting my test in-app purchases without uploading my binary, and without setting the purchase to be developer approved. I followed the instruction included in the docs to set it up.

Have you been testing on the device? in-app purchases do not work in the simulator. Perhaps if you posted some more info we could help a little bit better.

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Thanks - that sounds promising. Yes, testing on the device. I'm deploying a debug build on the device - do I need a distribution build (not sure if I can get one on the device though)? Any chance I need to have my bank-account info entered before this works? And did it take a few hours (i'm at ~12h since I set up the in-app purchase) to start showing up? I'm happy to provide more info if you have specific leads. –  psychotik May 26 '10 at 5:37
You do not need a distribution build, just use a debug build. No bank info needed. I seem to remember it not taking a few hours, but I could be wrong. –  coneybeare May 26 '10 at 14:23
How about the actual device - did you need to reset anything on there? I signed out of the Store using my retail account (no user signed in). I alternate between invalid product ID and "Cannot Connect to iTunes". –  psychotik May 26 '10 at 19:57
I did not other than what you had mentioned –  coneybeare May 27 '10 at 12:42
Turns out I need an active paid-apps contract. I was going from a free app to one that has in-app purchases, and you must provide your bank/tax info before these APIs succeed. Undocumented awesomeness from Apple. –  psychotik May 29 '10 at 9:27

Well, actually I just had a similar issue that was solved only AFTER uploading a binary and rejecting it, so I am not sure that the answer above is correct. Would love to hear something from Apple about it as it is the second time this happens to me.

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This question is just a bit dated, but working through the Ray Wenderlich IAP tutorial (found HERE) confirms how one goes about testing IAP without uploading a binary.

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This is my method... I usually get caught because I miss step 3:

Step 1 Create your IAP's (I won't go throught that in detail... unless someone wants me too.)

Step 2 Edit In-App Purchases Select In-App Purchases for review with this app version. The In-App Purchases shown will be ones in the Ready to Submit state.

Step 3 Re-generate your dev & dist certificates in apple developer.

Site 4 Install the certificates from step 3. and ensure under Xcode's Code Signing you do this: - Set both debug & release setting to Don't Code Sign - Then assign with your new certificates.

Step 5 Clean and rebuild in Xcode and your IAP's should sandbox on your test devices.

Good luck!

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