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I'd like to do a Regex.Split on some separators but I'd like to keep the separators. To give an example of what I'm trying:

"abc[s1]def[s2][s3]ghi" --> "abc", "[s1]", "def", "[s2]", "[s3]", "ghi"

The regular expression I've come up with is new Regex("\\[|\\]|\\]\\["). However, this gives me the following:

"abc[s1]def[s2][s3]ghi" --> "abc", "s1", "def", "s2", "", "s3", "ghi"

The separators have disappeared (which makes sense given my regex). Is there a way to write the regex so that the separators themselves are preserved?

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Use zero-length maching lookarounds; you want to split on


That is, anywhere where we assert a match of a literal [ ahead, or where we assert a match of literal ] behind.

As a C# string literal, this is


See also

Related questions

Example in Java

    // prints "[abc, [s1], def, [s2], [s3], ghi]"

    // prints "[abc;, def;, ghi;]"

    // prints "[Oh, My, God]"
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This works, thanks. And thanks for the additional info. – Ronald Wildenberg May 26 '10 at 7:37

You could use .Matches instead of .Split, example (

string x = "abc[s1]def[s2][s3]ghi";
var r = new Regex(@"[^\[]+|\[[^\]]+\]");
var ms = r.Matches(x);
// do stuff with the MatchCollection `ms`.
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