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My question is : Is it possible to create a working IIS 6.0 Virtual Directory with providing Physical Path of the Virtual Directory.?

I know that manually, it is not possible via IIS but programmatically such a virtual directory can be created. If an HTTPRedirect is set on that virtual directory but the site physical path is not specified, then will it work?

Simply stated, how to create an HTTp-redirected Virtual Directory , directly without specifying any physical path to a folder or network share.

Here is my code.

    If Directory.Exists(HomeDirectory) = False And Path.StartsWith("http://") = False Then
    End If
    Dim website As DirectoryEntry
    website = New DirectoryEntry("IIS://" & IISServer & "/W3SVC/" & WebsiteId & "/Root")
    Dim NewVDir As DirectoryEntry = website.Children.Add(VDirName, "IIsWebVirtualDir")
    If Path.StartsWith("http://") = False Then
        NewVDir.Properties("Path")(0) = Path
        NewVDir.Properties("HttpRedirect")(0) = Path
    End If
    If ((Perm And Permission.Read) = Permission.Read) Then
        NewVDir.Properties("AccessRead")(0) = True
    End If
    If ((Perm And Permission.Write) = Permission.Write) Then
        NewVDir.Properties("AccessWrite")(0) = True
    End If
    If ((Perm And Permission.DirBrowse) = Permission.DirBrowse) Then
        NewVDir.Properties("EnableDirBrowsing")(0) = True
    End If
    If ((Perm And Permission.CreatetApplication) = Permission.CreatetApplication) Then
        NewVDir.Invoke("AppCreate", True)
    End If
    If ((Perm And Permission.ScriptOnly) = Permission.ScriptOnly) Then
        NewVDir.Properties("AccessScript")(0) = True
    End If
    If ((Perm And Permission.ScriptNExecute) = Permission.ScriptNExecute) Then
        NewVDir.Properties("AccessExecute")(0) = True
    End If

    NewVDir.Properties("AuthAnonymous")(0) = True
    NewVDir.Properties("AuthNTLM")(0) = True

    NewVDir.Properties("AnonymousUserName")(0) = AnonUserName
    NewVDir.Properties("AnonymousUserPass")(0) = AnonPassword
    NewVDir.Properties("AppFriendlyName")(0) = AppFriendlyName

    Success = True
Catch Err As Exception

    Throw New Exception("My Custom Exception Here: " & Err.Message)
End Try
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If the physical path is not specified how will it work? And what is your point ? why do you want to create VD without a physical path? –  ahmed May 26 '10 at 7:16
Yes. precisely. The aim of the virtual directory is: to redirect to a website such as google.com. So the physical path has no role. Programmatically it is possible to create such a directory. But all i am asking that is it valid to create such directory and should we expect such a directory to work ? When i create such a directory, it appears with a folder Icon in IIS Manager. –  Steve Johnson Jun 1 '10 at 5:36

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