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Hi I am new to Android. I push files to Android device emulator. Image files are in Gallery and audio files are in Music. How can I view the text file in the android device emulator.( I heard android doesn’t come with Text Editor form stack overflow). I don’t want to open Text file I need to find if the text file is in the device or not. My file explore application list the available file in the sdcard. It lists the text file name also but in the device emulator how can I find the text file?????

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I don't really understand the want to get the file name by java? – poeschlorn May 26 '10 at 7:23
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Try using the following commands from your command line and see if that helps:

1. adb shell (a # prompt opens)
2. ls
3. cd /data/data

now you can see the list of folders that belong each to its own package/application. cd into the folder that interests you most and see what's inside. Many applications store some additional files here. The text file you're looking for could be there.

You can still view the contents of a text file in Android by writing 'cat [filename]' in the console.

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It can also be viewed through Eclipse using the File Explorer view when the emulator is running.

Window->Show View->Other..->Android->File Explorer

When the emulator is not running, File Explorer shows nothing.

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