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I'm creating an application for my company. And the goal is to create a universal installer that will be checking user's registry for specific apps installed and according to these apps would create a list of available installation components in "Select Components" window. And that's the particular problem I'm stacked with.

I've already created the installer, but a user have to check/uncheck components he doesn't need because he doesn't use specific app. That is definitely not a good way of doing thing I guess...

So I'm asking for help, please. Could this be implemented through "Select Components" window and how or I should create custom wizard page with checkboxes (again - How)?

Many thx in advance.

P.S. I've already used Check function in my script, but in this case the program automatically installs all of the components related to found apps on users machine, and sometimes users don't need that....

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This removes a component based on a registry value. You'd want to modify this to fit each application you are trying to install and would probably need a Check function for each application.

    ; -- Components.iss --
    ; Demonstrates a components-based installation.


    AppName=My Program
    AppVerName=My Program version 1.5
    DefaultDirName={pf}\My Program
    DefaultGroupName=My Program
    OutputDir=userdocs:Inno Setup Examples Output

    Name: "full"; Description: "Full installation"
    Name: "compact"; Description: "Compact installation"
    Name: "custom"; Description: "Custom installation"; Flags: iscustom

    Name: "program"; Description: "Program Files"; Types: full compact custom; Flags: fixed
    Name: "help"; Description: "Help File"; Types: full; Check: IsMyAppInstalled
    Name: "readme"; Description: "Readme File"; Types: full
    Name: "readme\en"; Description: "English"; Flags: exclusive
    Name: "readme\de"; Description: "German"; Flags: exclusive

    Source: "MyProg.exe"; DestDir: "{app}"; Components: program
    Source: "MyProg.chm"; DestDir: "{app}"; Components: help
    Source: "Readme.txt"; DestDir: "{app}"; Components: readme\en; Flags: isreadme
    Source: "Readme-German.txt"; DestName: "Liesmich.txt"; DestDir: "{app}"; Components: readme\de; Flags: isreadme

    Name: "{group}\My Program"; Filename: "{app}\MyProg.exe"

    function IsMyAppInstalled(): Boolean;
      installed: String;

      if RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'Software\MyApp',
         'Installed', installed) then
        result := true
        result := false;
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Oh man, I used check function in [Files] but I did not thought it can be used in [Components] section too. Thank you very much for helping me! I should more carefully read inno's help file: – cyxou May 27 '10 at 8:24
Please replace if RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'Software\MyApp', 'Installed', installed) then result := true Else result := false; with result := RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'Software\MyApp', 'Installed', installed) – Andreas Rejbrand Jun 13 '10 at 12:19

What you want to do goes beyond Inno Setup design, and I think you need to write your own installer instead of using a generic installer framework such as Inno Setup.

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Inno Setup supports Pascal scripting, so you can extend the functionality as you wish. – Andreas Rejbrand Jun 13 '10 at 12:17
mirtheil's advice helped me! But recently I've made my mind to deploy my project with WIX.... – cyxou Jun 15 '10 at 9:57

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