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i have a string like this test_1.doc and i want to split this string to have 1.doc

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The standard library is your friend. Try the method String.split(). – Kilian Foth May 26 '10 at 7:50
I think you will need to clarify the question slightly. If you do "test_1.doc".split("_") you can take the second element which will be "1.doc". Alternatively you can just use indexOf to find the position of the "_" and then take a substring - no need for regexps. – mikej May 26 '10 at 7:52
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Always consult the API for this kind of things. String would be a good place to start, and split is a good keyword to look for, and indeed, you'll find this:

public String[] split(String regex): Splits this string around matches of the given regular expression.

        "a b c".split(" ")
    )); // prints "[a, b, c]"

    )); // prints "[a, b, c]"

Do keep in mind that regex metacharacters (such as dot .) may need to be escaped:

    )); // prints "[]"
    )); // prints "[a, b, c]"

Here's an example of accessing individual parts of the returned String[]:

    String[] parts = "abc_def.ghi".split("_");
    System.out.println(parts[1]); // prints "def.ghi"

As for what you want, it's not clear, but it may be something like this:

    )); // prints "[abc, def, ghi]"

It's also possible that you're interested in the limited split:

        "abc_def_ghi.txt".split("_", 2)
    )); // prints "[abc, def_ghi.txt]"

Yet another possibility is that you want to split on the last _. You can still do this with regex, but it's much simpler to use lastIndexOf instead:

    String filename = "company_secret_128517.doc";
    final int k = filename.lastIndexOf('_');
    String head = filename.substring(0, k);
    String tail = filename.substring(k+1);
    System.out.printf("[%s] [%s]", head, tail);
    // prints "[company_secret] [128517.doc]"
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str.split("[_.]") will split on both criteria. I'm not sure why the title of your question and its body differ though...

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[_|.] matches _, |, or .; to match and underscore or a dot you would use [_.]. However, the OP is only trying to split on the underscore. – Alan Moore May 26 '10 at 7:57
My bad, I never got used to Java's sick notion of regular expressions. And was wondering why I didn't need to escape the . :-) As for the question - I got fooled by the title... – Bozhidar Batsov May 26 '10 at 8:23
I do this and I get only 2 values in the array "test" and "1" shouldn't it be 3 in length with the third being "doc"? – JPM Dec 14 '12 at 18:19

What exactly do you mean? You can just do this:

String s = "test_1.doc";
String[] result = s.split("_");

result will then contain two elements containing "test" and "1.doc".

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