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If i already have helper which returns me image according with parameter (true or false) I called it like this


and it is returns me <img src=... />

I was thinking to use MvcContrib but i cant use <%= %> syntax in embedded blocks

Then i find out that it is possible to do like this:

p => "img tag src=/images/Available.png/>").Named.(“A”).DoNotEncode();

But i want to put conditions, somth that like that:

     column.For(p => "img tag src=/images/Available.gif").Named   (“A”).DoNotEncode();
     column.For(p => "img tag=/images/Notavailable.gif").Named(“A”).DoNotEncode();

i was tried to make it like this:

column.For(p => ((item.Availible==false) ? "img tag src=/images/Notavailable.png" : "img tag=/images/Availible.png").Named(“A”).DoNotEncode();

but it is doesn't working properly.

is there any way of doing this?

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1 Answer

I think this is what you're looking for:

column.For(p => p.Available(true) ? "<img src=\"/images/Available.gif\">" : "<img src=\"/images/Notavailable.gif\">").Named("A").DoNotEncode();
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