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I'm working on a resize and crop workflow to allow images to be resized and then cropped to a specific size. Normally one resize the smallest dimension to fit the destination size, and then crop to get eg. a square.

However, in this case, I have some additional face-detection data: face_x, face_y and face_width and face_height. The X and Y coordinates of the face is top-left point in the original picture of where the face starts.

I want the cropped area to be centered at the face instead of in the center of the image.

Any smart minds out there who can help me out? Thanks!

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The center of the face is

(face_x + face_width/2, face_y+face_height/2).  

If you want the image to be (w, h) at the end, then the upper left is

(face_x + (face_width - w)/2, face_y + (face_height - h)/2)
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