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I have a simple Java EE application using Servlets and JSP.

Now I want to develop new functionality using Grails within the same application not a new application. Can I add Grails to my existing application?

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It very well depends on the framework u r currently using. I'd try with adding grails' lib subdirectory to the project classpath.

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well I am using plain servlet jsp no other framework. Please suggest me if I add add some grails pages to this ? –  fachhoch Sep 8 '10 at 14:53

You'll have more luck the other way round - create a new Grails application, put your existing servlets into src/java, then run grails install-templates and edit the template web.xml to add your <servlet> and <servlet-mapping> tags to that. But note that Grails installs a number of filters that intercept all urls, and these may adversely affect your servlets. You'll have to try it and see what breaks...

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