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I am working on XP m\c and right now I don't have sybase install.

But My server has the sybase 12.5 (that much I only know). I am using web service to talk to that server. How can I call the data from that server,

For this I am using a webservice which has some web methods that are using specific connection string. Right now I am using ODBC connection string for that.

I want to know do I need to install SYbase clinet at my m/c to call server data. OR else How shouls I proceed,


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Either you need to install a Sybase client, or you could use a "direct" ODBC driver (aka. "Type B"?), which will speaks TDS directly to the server without needing the Sybase client libraries.

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You will want to install the Sybase SDK on your webserver which includes Open Client and support for ADO .Net if you don't want to continue using ODBC. I think you need to contact sales in order to get a copy though. See this page.

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