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I am using the Html.TextBox helper to create textboxes. I want to set attributes on the textbox, which I understand is done using the following overload:

Html.TextBox (string name, object value, object htmlAttributes)

However, I want to maintain the functionality where the HTML helper automatically uses the value from either ViewData or ViewData.Model and I do not see a way to just specify the name and the htmlAttributes. Is this possible?

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[EDIT] After looking at the source code, it appears that all you need to do is specify the value as null in the signature that takes a name, value, and htmlAttributes. If the value is null, it will attempt to use the value from the ViewData.

Html.TextBox( "name", null, new { @class = "css-class" } );
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works great! Thank you –  BigJoe714 Nov 14 '08 at 22:14

If you don't need to supply the value from your model, you could always just use the standard HTML:

<input type="text" name="fieldName" id="fieldName"/>

Then you can supply whatever attributes you need in the tag.

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@Tvanfosson, thanks for the answer. It helped me a bunch today. I was trying to create a table with a row for every part in a list. I wanted to set several attributes based on each part, and you pointed me in the right direction. In case anybody wants to see the loop and how to set multiple attributes, here goes:

    <% foreach (var poPart in Model.myPartsList)
       { %>
                <% var part = Model.PartID; %>
                <%: Html.TextBox(part.ToString(), null, new { @class = "narrowText", @id = part.ToString() })%>
   <% } %>
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try this for razor

@Html.TextBox("name", "", new {@class = "css-class", @onclick = "alert('demo');"});
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