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I have a form field which uses Jorn Zaefferer's "autocomplete" jQuery plugin. If i type some text, then select part of it and hit backspace, the autocomplete list updates. But if i hit delete instead of backspace, the autocomplete list disappears.

I'm looking at the code for the plugin and it looks like the autocomplete updater is triggered by a keydown event in the field, and both backspace and delete trigger a keydown.

Is there a fundamental difference between backspace and delete that could be causing this ?

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If you look at the onChange() method, Del has a special purpose - to hide the autocomplete list:

function onChange(crap, skipPrevCheck) {
    if( lastKeyPressCode == KEY.DEL ) {

So no, there's no fundamental difference in event behavior here, this is just how the autocomplete plugin is designed, the delete key is specifically intended to hide the list.

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aha! off to hack the plugin then...yup, commenting out those four lines sorted it. Thanks Nick! –  Max Williams Nov 22 '10 at 9:34

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