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I've been always guiding myself with the following CSS structure:

#nav { }
#nav li { }
#nac li a { }

This structure tells me clearly who is the parent and the child.

But in a recent article (I think it was CSS Trick) someone said that CSS is read from right to left. So the more tags I had the slower it will be (and sometimes I think its unnecessary to write every single tag involve in the selector).

So it may be something like this:

#nav { }
#special-link { }

where #special-link is #nav's child. I know this is not a big problem in a simple stylesheet but in a big one I always would get confused about who is who's parent and child.

Another solution would be:

#nav { }
   #special-link { }


How do you solve with this CSS dilemma?

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I'd say you're optimising prematurely. I read the same article, and at the end, he states that these guidelines were written over ten years ago, when computers had much less power under the bonnet. Now, I really don't think it matters much—compared to any JavaScript you have running, your CSS will be lightning-fast. Go for the readable option.

One way you can make it faster without sacrificing readability is, as Chris Coyier states, to avoid descendants in favour of children. So instead of #nav li a, use #nav > li > a. This should improve speed and actually conveys more information, not less.

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I agree, the ability to read and understand exactly what's going on is primary when I write CSS. Especially if you have to hand the project off someday. –  Kyle May 26 '10 at 12:34
I agree with you. The CSS is not the usual suspect when a page takes time to load. It's better to sacrifice a little bit of speed for readability in this case. I'm definately going to use descendants instead of children selectors more than I've done. Some good advices there Samir! –  Erik Töyrä May 26 '10 at 13:07

Check out CleverCSS - I found it very readable... but that may be because I'm Python developer. Also, it results in ordinary CSS stylesheet.

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