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i am trouble with this.. Is there some solution or i have to keep exactly class types?

//header file

Class Car {
    virtual ~Car();

class Bmw:Car {
    virtual ~Bmw();

void Start(Car& mycar) {};

//cpp file

Car::~Car() {}

Bmw::~Bmw() {}

int main() {
    Car myCar;
    Bmw myBmw;

    Start(myCar); //works
    Start(myBmw); //!! doesnt work

    return 0;
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Why is Start not a method of car? – Johnsyweb May 26 '10 at 12:46
Also, you don't need to refer to Car as Car::Car(), it is fine to just refer to it as Car. Bmw::Bmw() : Car(){} is perfectly valid. – Puppy May 30 '10 at 19:21
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C++ defaults to private inheritance, so, you need to declare Bmw as:

class Bmw:public Car

Also, to be completely accurate, you should really have Start as a virtual method of Car and override it as needed in descendant classes. :)

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You should write class Bmw : public Car.

What you want to have here is public inheritance, but not a private one (which is default for classes in C++).

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You have Bmw inheriting privately from Car, which prevents converting a Bmw reference to a Car reference. Change the definition to:

class Bmw : public Car
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You need public inheritance - it represents IS A relationship between derived and base types. As in bmw IS A car, while private inheritance (the default when not explicitly specified and what you have here) represents implemented in terms of relationship.


class Bmw: public Car
    // ...
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I'm no mechanic, but class Bmw: public Car should fix you up and have you on the road to understanding inheritance in no time!

Inheritance is private by default for classes (public for structs).

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