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Possible Duplicate:
Code generator (.net)

I'm looking to do some side projects but don't have the time to hand code everything. What code generators has anyone used? Currently, I am looking at Iron Speed, but can't really afford to buy it. So I'm looking for a product under $300.00.

Any suggestions?


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One of the most well known code generators is codesmith ( Visual Studio now supports code generation natively via T4 (

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CodeSmith is one option, it can write your classes based off of your db table schema.

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I'm not sure what your are exactly looking for, but I found these:

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If you just wanted code templates, CodeSmith is pretty much the gold standard. If you actually want something that can generate code based off of your database model (O/R mapping), there are many good ones. I use LLBLGen Pro -- it has a steep learning curve, but the payoff is worth it. You can have a fully working data access layer and business logic layer in minutes that are easily synced with any database changes.

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Also check out MyGeneration. It's free, open source and quite good.

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