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Are there any free online tools out there to make visio kind of diagrams. I would like to practice my flowchart skills. Are there any good sites or books or articles out there that discuss best practices for flowchart diagrams.

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Dia is an open source option:

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+1 for Dia. It's also cross-platform, which won me over. Another advantage of Dia is that the diagrams are stored in compressed XML.

I had a project where I needed to diagram something in the database, and I was able to write a program to create Dia-compatible XML from the database, which saved me a HELL of a lot of typing and drawing. I just had to reposition and resize the objects.

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lucidchart is an online, collaborative tool with flowchart features.

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Open Office includes a program called Draw which is really nice.

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This is great for simple diagrams and finally something that works well and is easy to use on Linux! – magpulse May 1 '14 at 20:18

There is a great multi-platform software that for some reason no one mentions but its really worth a try:


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Found no other better solution. Program your charts. Makes beautiful sequence diagrams.

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Already answered here;

Here is some:

Here is a complete list of over 50 UML designer (free and not) Wikipedia list:

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Gliffy is an online flowcharthing program.

Personally I use Dia, an open source Visio kind of clone (it works under Windows, Linux and MacOSX).

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