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Does anyone know if there is a way to automatically invoke the FromString method of a numeric literal in F#? I have already tried (and succeeded) with the methods FromOne, FromZero, etc but I have no idea how strings could be handled at compile time...

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from page 51 of the F# language specification:

For xxxx = 0 -> NumericLiteral<suffix>.FromZero()
For xxxx = 1 -> NumericLiteral<suffix>.FromOne()
For xxxx in the Int32 range -> NumericLiteral<suffix>.FromInt32(xxxx)
For xxxx in the Int64 range -> NumericLiteral<suffix>.FromInt64(xxxx)
For other numbers -> NumericLiteral<suffix>.FromString("xxxx")

That means, only when the first 4 are not satisfied, FromString is called. Also, xxxx must be digits with signs, you cannot use other alphabeta set for xxxx.

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What a pity! And I was already wondering about my next inline language :) –  Giuseppe Maggiore May 27 '10 at 11:51

I think it's intended for numbers bigger than Int64.MaxValue.

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