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Can anyone tell me if its possible to use both windows and forms authentication on my site without the 2 interfering with each other.

Basically, I have a new site that I want only certain people to see for approval purposes. Therefore to stop any unauthenticated users from seeing ANY pages of the site I was using Windows authentication.

However, I've now upgraded the site to have a small members area that uses Forms authentication and now when anyone enters the site after passing windows authentication they are being directed to the forms authentication page, even though they should be viewing a page that isnt protected by forms authentication.

I basically want a situation wherby anyone who clears windows authentication is allowed to view the whole site but need to log onagain via formsd authentication to view the members area of the site.

I hope this is clear.

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(Old question, but ...)

It sounds like you just haven't configured forms authentication for just the particular members area, but have it configured for everything.

Look at the authorization element and the location element (if you want to control the settings in the main Web.config, instead of creating a Web.config for the member's area).

See also ASP.NET Forms Authentication and a "No Authentication" subfolder (except you want the reverse).

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