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Question has been asked before and I see bug report on ddd newsgroups but none of the suggested solutions work for me.

It comes up but when you try doing anything like opening a file it hangs with the message "waiting until GDB gets ready."

A crucial fact, reported by others too, is that it works fine for some users and not others. I've compared the environments and can't find any significant differences. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

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it might not be a bad idea to post the stuff that you've tried even if it didn't work, or possibly even link to the related bug report(s) – Daniel DiPaolo May 26 '10 at 14:49
point taken. I tried: removing .gdbinit. Changing the prompt via .gdbinit to "(gdb) " (trailing space supposed to be significant). I removed my initrc. None worked. Here are links to bug reports and suggested fixes (which for me did not work): – c-urchin May 27 '10 at 14:09

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Removing ~/.ddd seams to solve the problem.

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Clean and simple. This must be spread to the world, I had almost give up ddd before seeing this – albfan Oct 19 '12 at 2:06

Encountered this problem too. The easy solution as posted above is to delete the init file in the ~/.ddd/ directory.

But that means all your customizations will be gone. So I started hunting for the real cause. I observed that the problem only occurs after I have used the "GDB Settings" dialog. Once you opened this dialog the init file mentioned above will grow because a lot of gdb settings will be stored there.

After shrinking those additional lines step by step I found the "offending line". The problem is caused by the setting for extended-prompt. After opening the GDB settings dialog this line will read like

set extended-prompt not set\n\

This "not set" is what gdb will report on "show extended-prompt". Unfortunatley "set extended-prompt is sort of buggy in gdb, so if I enter "set extended-prompt not set" in a gdb running from a shell without ddd involved gdb will lockup as well.

It looks like the only safe way of setting the extend-prompt is when it contains the string "(gdb)". So I modified the offending line in the init file and now it reads like this:

set extended-prompt (gdb) \n\

With this setting I do not encounter the problem any longer. Hope that helps in your case too.

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This solved the problem for me as well, without having to clobber my settings. – Anthony Sep 16 '14 at 0:17

I think removing the init file inside .ddd will also solve this issue. No need to remove the entire .ddd folder. I tried it and it worked !

Also, if you extensively modify the ddd default options such as Buttons and Graph Displays, you can move your init file to outside this folder and then copy some of the options back to the init file created by ddd by default.

Note: When you restart ddd after removing init file, it will create the default init file.

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Decipher's suggestion of simply deleting the init file worked for me as well.

And for those that don't know, ~/.ddd is the .ddd folder in your home directory.

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If the issue persists, the following workaround may help:

  • open ddd as you would normally (eg. ddd --debugger bashdb
  • type exit in the lower pane of ddd

This seems to kill one instance of bashdb, and then another instance of bashdb seems to run. This 2nd instance of bashdb seems to work fine, with the bash-script source finally appearing in the top-pane and allowing you to step-through and debug.

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Doing a Ctrl+D, then choosing "Restart DDD" seems to work for me.

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