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I have the version nhibernate.

My objects are basically modeiling a lineup at an event. So I have a StageSet object which represents one slot in the schedule for a stage.

Each StageSet object has a Stage and an Act property.

It also has many Users - people who have favorited the set.

I'm trying to ascertain the most popular sets that have been favorited using the following linq:

var topStars = from s in Db.StageSets
                           group s by s.Act.Id into g
                           select new { SetKey = g.Key, Count = g.Count() };

However this just fails with a Could not execute query[SQL: SQL not available] error

Should I be able to do this?


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in case someone comes here. The following should work with NH 3.1

var topStars = from s in Db.StageSets
               group s by s.Act.Id into g
               select new { SetKey = g.First().Act.Id, Count = g.Count() }
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You've specified the query correctly in linq. NHibernate is refusing to translate it.

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Hmmm - is there a way i can do this in HQL? – iwayneo May 26 '10 at 16:18

I just copied your query with a slightly different domain and it worked. But that will count StageSets by Act, NOT favorites.

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