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I have run into various StackOverflowErrors which occur during cascading. These have been extremely time consuming in debugging because I don't know which properties are being cascaded to cause this recursive behavior. Does anyone know of a log setting or some other form of debugging which could tell me specifically what properties are being cascaded?

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In the "log4j.properties" file set the "log4j.logger.org.hibernate" property to "trace":


This provides TRACE output for Hibernate Cascade.cascade() calls.

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It's Depending on the way you have defined the hibernate mapping.

  • If you've defined the mapping via xxx.hbm.xml, then, in the

  • If you've defined the mapping via Java Annotation, you should check the location of your @Cascade annotation and on which field you have this.

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I defined the mapping via Java Annotation, but there are many classes, with many relationships. I want to determine at runtime which properties are being cascaded in such a way as to cause infinite recursion and ultimately a StackOverflowError. If the Cascade.cascadeProperty() method (for example) was able to print some debugging output, I would know which chain of relationships was being cascaded just prior to the StackOverflow. –  Chris May 27 '10 at 16:23

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