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I'm trying to create a "cancel" link that looks like an x with a solid red circle behind it.

Here is the CSS:

.circle {

.circle a {

This is the HTML code:

<div class='circle'>
  <a href="">x</a>

It ends up looking like this: alt text.

How do I move the x so that it is centered within the circle? Changing the margin-top or bottom doesn't seem to work...

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If you relatively position your a tag you can fix it:

.circle a {

  position:relative; top:-2px;

Adjust the top value to your liking.

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Maybe padding-bottom would do the trick here too, but I know Internet Explorer is (or has been) picky about vertical paddings on inline elements (it crops stuff that extends beyond the line height). – Francis Gagné May 26 '10 at 19:18

Your font must accomodate characters like É, q, X and x, etc and still be displayed over background whatever the height of the character is.

I found that using an X (or text-transform: uppercase; obviously) and font-family: monospace; was an improvement with your code, though not perfect. Solution provided by mhr is useful even with a monospace font.

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I am doing something similar, and using the following to center my text:

text-align: center;
margin: auto;
position: relative;
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