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Where does Debug.Print output messages?

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Where do you want to see the output?

Messages being output via Debug.Print will be displayed in the immediate window which you can open by pressing Ctrl+G.

You can also Activate the so called Immediate Window by clicking View -> Immediate Window on the VBE toolbar

enter image description here

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This is true if you are in an office application which supports VBA, but if you are using via WSH you may need to use MsgBox (shudder) or some similar technique as the immediate window is not available. – AJ. May 26 '10 at 20:09

Debug.Print outputs to the "Immediate" window.

Debug.Print outputs to the Immediate window

Also, you can simply type ? and then a statement directly into the immediate window (and then press Enter) and have the output appear right below, like this:

simply type ? and then a statement directly into the immediate window

This can be very handy to quickly output the property of an object...

? set the property of an object... = "thingy"

...or to even execute a function or line of code, while in debugging mode:


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lol, what an unintuitive name. "Immediate window" always made me think the current window. Or a main app window. – j riv May 28 '15 at 3:17

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