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I want to create a wizard for the logo badge below with 3 parameters. I can make the title dynamic but for image and gradient it's hardcoded because I can't see how to make them dynamic. Code follows after pictures:

alt text

alt text

custom-styles: stylize [
  lab: label  60x20 right bold middle font-size 11
  btn: button 64x20 font-size 11 edge [size: 1x1]
  fld: field  200x20 font-size 11 middle edge [size: 1x1]
  inf: info   font-size 11 middle edge [size: 1x1]
  ari: field wrap font-size 11 edge [size: 1x1] with [flags: [field tabbed]]

panel1: layout/size [

    origin 0 space 2x2 across
        styles custom-styles
    h3 "Parameters" font-size 14 return 
    lab "Title" fld_title: fld "EXPERIMENT" return 
    lab "Logo" fld_logo: fld "http://www.rebol.com/graphics/reb-logo.gif" return 
    lab "Gradient" fld_gradient: fld "5 55 5 10 10 71.0.6 30.10.10 71.0.6"
] 278x170

panel2: layout/size [
    ;layout (window client area) size is 278x170 at the end of the spec block
    at 0x0 ;put the banner on the top left corner
    box 278x170 effect [ ; default box face size is 100x100
      draw [
        anti-alias on
        line-width 2.5 ; number of pixels in width of the border
        pen black      ; color of the edge of the next draw element

        fill-pen radial 100x50 5 55 5 10 10 71.0.6 30.10.10 71.0.6

        ; the draw element
        box     ; another box drawn as an effect
          15     ; size of rounding in pixels
          0x0 ; upper left corner
          278x170 ; lower right corner
    pad 30x-150
    Text fld_title/text font [name: "Impact" size: 24 color: white]
    image http://www.rebol.com/graphics/reb-logo.gif
] 278x170

main: layout [
    vh2 "Logo Badge Wizard"
    pad 20
    button "Parameters" [panels/pane: panel1  show panels ]
    button "Rendering" [show panel2 panels/pane: panel2  show panels]
    button "Quit" [Unview]
    box 2x170 maroon
    panels: box 278x170

panel1/offset: 0x0
panel2/offset: 0x0

panels/pane: panel1

view main
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I haven't used the draw dialect, so I'm a bit puzzled on what one would do here myself. There are examples of using compose with the draw dialect to build the specification but none that change it after it has been established. Perhaps a question to bring up on AltME. –  HostileFork May 27 '10 at 18:27

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Make the block for the 2nd layout a template.

Put the variables you want there and surround with ( )

When rendering, do a copy/deep to make a template copy, then compose/deep to replace the variables as taken from the parameters screen, create the layout from your copy of the template and set the pane to the new layout.

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