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I am looking for those arrow icons (a left white arrow and a white right arrow) that are used on the lower toolbar of the Photo Library (or Camera Roll). I also have seen them on the Facebook app and some other custom apps. I am surprised that they are not built in "UIBarButtonSystemItem" icons. Can anybody point me to these icons?

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They are built-in UIBarButtonSystemItem — private ones. Specifically, values of 107 and 108.

Other custom apps create their own arrows, and this is what you should do for AppStore apps.

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Brilliant. This is so helpful, thanks so much. No wonder I coudldn't find these, as they are "undocumented" and I have to use the #. –  Phamer May 26 '10 at 21:11
@Phamer: Be aware that using the undocumented APIs could get your app rejected from the app store. –  shosti May 26 '10 at 23:07

The icon set here seems to include the left/right arrows:


and also has retina display versions here:


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I couldn't find any good ones, so I made a set; you can grab them here. There are eight icons included: up, down, left and right, all in both standard and high-resolutions.

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