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I'm trying deploy a Python application on Windows as a folder that includes a full python 2.6 folder. I don't need/want a fancy solution like py2exe, I'm just trying to automate deployment of a web application.

So long as I include python26.dll and set the PYTHONHOME correctly, things seem to work if I just include the Python26 folder in its entirety. However a number of the Python26/Script files don't work. For instance, pip.exe, orbited.exe, and morbid.exe all do nothing (complete with no output) when I try to run them on a system that doesn't have a real Python26 installation.

I've run out of ideas. Suggestions?

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IMHO, using py2exe would give you a much smaller cleaner build, since it selects only the modules that are used in your code. If you need a full Python install, you're gonna need the Registry and environment variables (like PATH) that the Python installer would include. Maybe you could do a quiet default install of Python? –  ewall May 26 '10 at 21:04

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How about trying to use virtualenv?

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